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Barton Springs High Rise Water Feature

I've lived in Austin 39 years. The entirety of this time Austin has been in boom town mode. Many of my various occupations have involved me being some kind of Austin delivery guy. Whether I was driving for Locally famous ice cream shops, a flower shop in Westlake or even now operating an Austin Delivery/Courier Service ...Spectrum Delivery, I have experienced the ever changing atmosphere and remain astonished. I kind of always expected this to slow down at some point, but it has not. All new roads seem to lead to tolls nowadays and they are coming into town as frequently as the high rise condo's downtown or outdoor mall residences. The current toll under construction on Mopac will even feature a sliding scale toll fee based on the demand & congestion at the time. Even the tolls are in flux. In the eighties if someone told me my old neighborhood near Burnet/Kramer would feature a "second downtown" I would have laughed in their face. Yet, here is the Domain with it's Rock Rose strip and budding nightlife scene.

Where are we headed? I foresee an elderly grandparent pointing to Barton Springs from behind glass showing his grandchild the historical landmark. Saying "Seee... there Honey, thats where the hippies would swim". They are standing on the first retail floor built over the Springs. Barton Springs has now become a water feature on the first floor of a building that rises high to the sweet spot in the sky holding a view of Town Lake( I still cannot call it Lady Bird Lake). Maybe there is a marker commemorating the famed swimming hole with old grainy photos of the past citizens at play and the Grandparent smiles muttering something about the hippies. Things change, I get it. I ponder this while driving a golf ball off of the roof of the top grossing bar in N.Austin. I needed gas last Thursday and things like a blog or social media nearly caused me to stall out and left stranded. There was a flash mob gas panic! That's a blog for another time.

It is my desire to fill this blog with some humorous and useful information pertaining to the logistics of getting around locally. Tiny tips like don't get on 183 from Cedar Park to Duval during A.M. rush hour or a tractor trailer filled with pork has jackknifed on I-35 , caught fire and downtown now smells like bacon. I actually believe this happened once. Perhaps I can even entice one to call Spectrum Delivery Service, a locally owned Austin, courier, delivery service to save you time or money. In the meantime our drivers are out there in the milieu keeping an eye and ear on the road.

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