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Being a delivery guy while Austin goes boom!

Well, March has been an explosive month in the Central Texas courier business. We had a serial bomber on the loose! It made me miss delivering flowers. At least when I brought floral arrangements, no one expected them to explode in their face. The recent terrorizing of the Austin area has had everyone on edge. When I delivered flowers people smiled when they saw me approach. Lately, when approaching someone with a delivery package, their body language began to exhibit tension and scream "run to the hills!" People would glance at me sideways and contort their faces walking briskly in the other direction. Normally a delivery guy shares the same anonymity as the leaf blower guy. Not March 2018 in Austin.

I never felt so conspicuous carrying brown boxes. I felt awkward for the first time doing this work. Since we area small family run business priding ourselves on personalized service I wanted to hug everyone of our clients in the receiving departments to assure them I was benign. Thankfully the situation is over, and I am now pondering a new tagline "Spectrum Delivery, our packages don't blow up." Too soon?

Spectrum Delivery is based in Round Rock. Just a few miles down the road from where the confessed bomber detonated himself into oblivion alongside Interstate 35. Being in the courier service I can say I-35 has that effect on a lot of us. Next time you need something brought to you or you want to send a package out. Give us a shout. You can relax knowing we come with the desire to hug and you can take the bomb squad off of speed dial. I am grateful for the men and women in law enforcement that worked so hard to apprehend this public menace. We all should be. Now it is back to being the anonymous spectrum delivery guy. I hope my next blog is still a blast, but hopefully not about the explosive kind.

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