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Mopac is done and so is my wallet

After 4 years of delays and setbacks the latest attempt to lesson the traffic congestion in Austin has been opened...and so have the wallets. In the first week alone drivers paid upwards of eight dollars to use a new lane. The lane that bills you on a sliding scale so you don't know how much you are paying until the bill comes. No thanks. Then there is the problem of someone in front of you going slow. Then you are stuck paying a bill and not even gaining the benefit of gong faster than the free lanes next to you. No thanks again.

When the local traffic helicopter reporter says it's saving you only 2 minutes on your journey a hearty NO THANKS I say! Yet, many people are using the lane? I can only assume money is not something these 2 minute fancies are concerned with. I am tickled these folks are using the lane because it is actually making the free lanes less congested. Kind of like if they added a new lane on Mopac, and they did!! It didn't need to be a toll. Of course, we all know this. The powers that be could have just added a new lane and we would see what are seeing now. Get ready Austin, I-35 is next on the agenda. I'm willing to bet we will get some new lanes that will cost us considerably and wreck downtown even more. People will use them no matter the cost too. I hear many of the plans involve a tunnel. This ought to be interesting. I can see drivers being stuck behind a wreck in a lane underground not going anywhere with the meter running, thinking I should have taken Mopac. If you happen to be a client of Spectrum Delivery and Distribution rest assured. If the order is a rush and 2 minutes will make the difference, I bite the bullet and shell out the toll...reluctantly.

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